#slice2013: 4 of 31

“How come they can travel and double dribble” asks my third grade niece.  After a chuckle by myself and others around me I replied, “Because professional basketball players are special!” She continued to look at me with confusion and I went on to explain that it’s not about the fundamentals at this level, it’s how much you can score and do cool moves.

I don’t enjoy professional basketball or really follow it.  I have no use for it.  Don’t get me wrong I love sports but not one that is so far away from the fundamentals.  It was that cute, adorable face running up to me after she received the Player of the Game award and said, “I’m taking YOU!”  So I did and it was fun, not because of the game, or the overpriced food, it was because I was with my niece.  Her first Bucks game, a trip to the “big” city, a late night, and time with her aunt.

Yep, I have no time for professional basketball, but all the time in the world for Presley.

By msbiwerblog

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